Torturing Nurse & Booby Mason - Split (2011)

Torturing Nurse is a noise group dedicated to noise art and performance, was founded by Misuzu and Junky (both are from Shanghai no wave/noise band Junkyard) in April 2004 in the Shanghai, China. They composed pure analogue harsh-noise, had more than 200 recordings all over the world and did about a 100 live shows.

Arrebato: vocal
Youki: electronics
Junky: electronics/voice


Booby Mason is a one-man noise unit, started by Anton Gudkov in 2009 in Omsk, Russia. He did both analogue and digital noise and mix it with recordings that had been made using a dictophone. Booby Mason had about 30 recordings under different names and in different genres: from harsh-noise and lo-fi electronics to dark ambient and primitive jungle or techno.

Booby Mason - all noises.
Thanxlist: Yaroslava Yuki, mom'n'dad.


01.Torturing Nurse - "HJT Suspended For Dem Contributions" (12:16)
Recorded live at 696 live,sh,on 2010.10.23

02.Booby Mason - "Hot Summer Acid" (11:49)
Recorded at home, in the summer of 2010, in Omsk.

Released on Smell The Stench (Australia), limited to 60 copies.

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