Booby Mason - 乾燥 (2011)

First release of the new year. Big thanx to Foxberry Records, Yuki Zero & Cats.

"Booby Mason. Under this alias hides a young noise musician from Omsk [RU] named Anton. In 2009 he founded 広島の おもちゃ ペット label, on which he releases all his own musical projects, including this one. Throughout all his activity time he has produced about 30 recordings in different styles of experimental music - from harsh noise to easier electronics.

There is no doubt that Booby Mason is mostly influenced by Japanese noise school. In this connection it is not surprising that his new longplay recording is called in Japanese - 乾燥, that means dryness or dehumidification.
Twenty minutes of pure psychedelic noise with various complicated structures and original analogue/digital sound.

Until the new split with Torturing Nurse on Great Misanthrope Records is still coming, let's enjoy this withering noisy psychedelia right now!"

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