Chika Haka-Shitsu - 地下墓室 (2011)

Our new stuff (me and my best friend under the name Chika Haka-Shitsu)
was released yesterday on Foxberry Records (love that guy. really!)

"うわぁ! What the hell is this!
As soon as it seemed that nothing could terrify me more than grinding Merzbow and that nothing couldbe more weirdthan the noisescapes by Guilty Connector, these guys drilled into my head andmelted my brain!
Prudently, tactfully and in some ways even gentlythey'll make your mind retching:
eerie collages of drunken voices breaks theelectrified silence of cold urban driveways for morethan thirteen minutes,
and that's not all!
You bet, our old friend Booby Mason recorded tous another longplay >> eleven minutes of psychedelic brain scanning with folk tunes played on the simple harmonica...

Though why I'm telling all this bullshit,
listen it to yourself and blow your head off! ー♪" (Foxberry Records)

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